Should You Judge a “Book” by it’s Cover?

When you meet someone you’re initial judgment is made on their appearance.  But once you get to know them, you realize that their personality is a much better indicator of who they are and how your relationship will proceed, or not.

Same holds true when house hunting.  When a buyer walks into a home they’re initially wowed by the aesthetic features:  granite counters, stainless steel appliances, updated baths and trending colors.  Is this criteria what makes this the right house to buy?  All of those things are nice but really, most important are “the bones” of the home.


   The bones consist of structural and mechanical items that make a house run   and are usually the most expensive to replace or repair – the furnace, the roof, the septic, the windows and the list goes on.

You can think of these things in terms of baking.  The more quality the ingredients you use the better the end result.  You can dress up even the driest  most awful tasting creation with a good icing job.  It’s nice to get it all when  buying a house but don’t overlook a home that may not have all the pretty window dressing but is in solid condition.  Would you rather replace a furnace or paint a living room?


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