It’s All About the Journey… So You’ve Decided to Brave Out the Holidays On The Market

You’ve listened to your agent’s advice that listing your home during the holidays can present some advantages – less competition, real buyers & a sense of festivity.  The question becomes how to balance your seasonal decorations while continuing to show your home in the best light possible.

Before doing any decorating make sure your home is spotless and that you’ve done your initial staging by de-cluttering and emphasizing the wonderful space your home offers.

While holiday decorating can be highly personal, this is the year to err on the side of neutral with small subtle touches giving your home a warm and festive feeling.  Also important is to make sure your holiday décor compliments your regular decorating before you start untangling your tinsel.



This is a great opportunity to accentuate some of your home’s highlights such as pretty stockings hanging from your fireplace mantel, showcasing your menorah on the ledge of a bay window or hanging mistletoe in an arched doorway.  On the exterior you can use simple string lighting to highlight your home’s architecture or a beautiful tree in the yard, even though you usually win the neighborhood first prize for flashing lights and the inflatable Santa and his sleigh!

This may be the year to keep extremely religious decorations in storage.  It’s important to be sensitive to potential buyers.  No matter what your religion is, no one is going to feel offended by a nutcracker.

Trees are such an important part of the season and bring a smile to everyone.  Be careful the tree doesn’t take up too much “real estate”.  This is probably the year for a skinny tree.

As always, you need to be careful with valuables. Wrapped presents can be very tempting, especially if young children are looking at homes with their parents.  Save the gifts and surprises for family time.

Last but not least no matter how beautiful your decorations are, the same decorations that made people smile in December will look tired and dated in January.

Bring on the eggnog and enjoy the Holiday Cheer!



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