It’s All About the Journey…The Home Stretch

So everything is negotiated, all terms have been agreed to, the mortgage commitment is in, now what?

It’s time to start packing.  Sometimes this can be the most daunting task.  If you’re not sure what you are taking with you, it’s best to sort things into three categories…keep, donate and discard.  Charitable entities have become very picky in what they will accept as donations, so make sure you check with them before assuming they will take your items.  Transferring utilities such as electric and heating (whether gas or oil) should be arranged up to two weeks prior to closing.  At this time you should return your cable box and if you still have a hardwired phone arrange for service to be terminated.  If you have city water the attorney will take care of the account transfer.


Your home should be left in “broom clean” condition after the movers have left and the house has been emptied.  This includes wiping out cabinets, cleaning appliances and bathrooms.  Don’t forget to check your attic and basement for stray items.  As you are packing you should put all appliance and house related paperwork in one spot for your buyers.


The day of the closing the buyers and their agent will schedule a “walk-through” just prior to attending the closing.  They will be checking that the house is in the same condition as it was prior to your move out.  They will check appliances, make sure there are no gauges from furniture being moved and that everything that was supposed to be included in the sale is still at the house with no additional personal items remaining.

Lastly, you will meet with your lawyer to sign papers and hand over your keys and garage door openers.  Sometimes you can pre-sign the paperwork because most attorneys schedule closings when the buyers money is wired and received (the timing of this is sometimes hard to predict).



Now your done and onto the next chapter in your lives!


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