It’s All About The Journey … Harbor Point – A Revitalized Renter’s Haven

If there is one neighborhood in Stamford that fits the description “Everything old is new again”, Harbor Point’s redevelopment of the South End would be at the top of the list. There are 322 acres on this waterfront peninsula south of the Stamford train station which has become a national model for urban planning.

A little history … its earliest beginnings were in the manufacturing industry when Linus Yale, Jr. and Henry Towne came to Stamford in the late 1860’s attracted by an ample labor force, proximity to railroad lines and good harbors for schooners.  The partners built a small factory, and although Yale died during construction on their first expansion project, Towne continued on with the project and led the company to become one of the world’s largest lock and hardware manufacturers.  The complex eventually covered 21 acres and at one time employed close to 25% of Stamford’s population!  Mind boggling when you think of that in terms of Stamford’s current population. No wonder Stamford was often referred to as Lock City!

Yale & Towne had a good run before completely closing it’s Stamford operations 100 years after they started – in the late 1960’s. Thirty buildings were left behind, some were demolished in the early 1980’s and the remaining began to fill up with painters, sculptors, musicians and photographers. By 2000 most of the complex was rented to artists who formed the Loft Artists Association.  LAA is now in its 23rd year and holds various events ranging from studio tours & lessons to public art projects.

The old factory building is now home to the The Lofts at Yale and Towne,  a popular loft style apartment complex built in 2010 as part of Harbor Point’s redevelopment.  They have since been joined by the Key at Yale and Towne, 111 Harbor Point, 101 Park Place, The Vault, Beacon Harbor Point, Postmark Apartments, 121 Towne Apartments, and Infinity Harbor Point. All together there are over 2,300 newly constructed apartments in this bustling waterfront community; each building with its own unique appeal.

Sensing a wonderful opportunity to make this a true community,  businesses were quick to jump on the band wagon at Harbor Point. Fairway markets, CVS, highly acclaimed restaurants (some headed by world renowned chefs), and the largest university-affiliated veterinary referral center in the country, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, to help take care of all your furry friends!

The Harbor Point Trolley makes getting around quick, easy & free. It runs every day with 14 stops, in a 30 minute clockwise loop, (M-F, 7AM-11PM, Sat, 9:30AM-11PM & Sun, 10:30AM-9PM) including the Stamford Train Station and downtown Stamford.  There is also a water taxi which provides transportation from Harbor Point to Stamford Landing for even more waterfront dining and entertainment options. Residents feel this is a very user-friendly community that makes it easy to stroll around-there’s a very welcoming vibe.

The South End’s Harbor Point has become its own little suburb with a little bit of everything for everybody. If you want to be part of a bustling, walkable, waterfront community with history but a modern aesthetic, Harbor Point could be just the right fit for you!


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