It’s All About The Journey … Come In From The Cold!


Entryways and foyers create a transition from outside elements to the inner warmth of your home.  You want buyers to feel welcome, comfortable and intrigued to see more.  Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a welcoming entry.

Try these easy ideas to add vibrancy to your vestibule or fizz to your foyer and buyers will feel right at home!


Let there be Light

 For overhead lighting, suspend a pendant or a chandelier high enough so that the tallest person you can imagine won’t hit their head.  Hanging it much higher loses its visual effect and if you hang it much lower it could cut off someone’s head.

A table lamp also casts a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. Keep the base slim so the lamp doesn’t feel overwhelming, especially on a slender console table.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

               A mirror helps create the illusion of extra space.  Make sure that it is in proportion to the dimensions of the foyer.

               A mirror also reflects light and can bring the sun into a darker hallway.  If you follow Feng Shui, do not place a mirror directly opposite the front door as this would send the Chi or energy in the home right back out.


Nook Look

               If you have a little nook in the foyer, tuck in a table and a chair (or even just a chair) to give it a cozier feel.

               Give the chair a pop of color by covering it with fabric in a lively pattern or a small pillow. This also provides a spot for people to remove shows in inclement weather.


Shut the Front Door

               Front doors make an impact on the outside and inside of your home.  Consider painting the interior of the door a color that coordinates with the accessories in your foyer.

               Ensure the door can open fully without encumbrances behind it.


Keep it Simple

               An outdoor mat keeps the entry free from debris. Once inside, the foyer should be simple, neat and organized.  An area rug can be added to warm up the space in colder months.  Keys, coins, mail, shoes etc.  should be organized and stored out of sight.  A cluttered, messy entry is a big turn-off to buyers.


Which way do I go?

                No one likes to enter a space and be confused where to go next.  Consider a runner or artwork on the walls to cause the eye to go in the direction you want buyers to go.


Bring the Outdoors In

               A potted plant, or a vase filled with fresh flowers brings life to the space.  Make sure they are well-tended.  Replace flowers before they become wilted and ensure your plants have adequate sunlight and water.


Follow these tips and buyers will feel welcome, relaxed and excited to continue the tour of your home.

Call me to find out how to get buyers to your front door!


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