It’s All About The Journey … Thanksgiving – Time for Turkey, Stuffing and…Staging

Everyone wants a home where your guests feel welcome, relaxed and right at home. You know you’re successful in creating a welcoming atmosphere if you end up with a house guest that never wants to leave!  You may dread that situation as a host, but as a seller you hope a buyer not only wants to spend more time in your home but can envision themselves living there.

Selling during the holidays provides a perfect opportunity for potential buyers to see your home as their future gathering spot!  Here are a few Thanksgiving decorating tips that will have buyers gobbling up your home.  (Yes, I went there)


Set the Table (this may be the only time of year this suggestion makes sense)

Let your buyers’ picture themselves sitting at a beautifully set table and enjoying the ambiance of the holiday.  This shows your home’s potential for entertaining which is sometimes hard for buyers to envision.  Bring out the fine china, linens and pretty serving pieces. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, this will also give you a head start in preparation for Turkey Day!

Less Is More…Usually

Thanksgiving is a holiday where most people overindulge.  As Jay Leno quipped, “You know you ate too much for Thanksgiving when you have to let your bathrobe out”.  During holiday selling season, you have a little more leeway to display family items, decorations and photos that are normally put away in a staging scenario.  People tend to feel nostalgic for family at this time of year and a few of these items can make your home feel cozy and inviting.

A “Peel” to the Senses

Simmer pots are one of the easiest ways to make your home smell amazing. Just fill a saucepan with water, bring to a boil then add your favorite autumn scented ingredients. Allow to simmer gently on the stove top, topping up the water when needed. Soon the scent will fill your entire house. Don’t have time to keep an eye on the stove? Bake a pie or cookies – even “slice and bake” will do or the oldest trick around is to put a dab of vanilla or almond extract on a lightbulb-the scent will be heated when the light is on and will permeate throughout the house. Word of caution – it’s easy to overstep the line on this one.

Nature’s bounty


Seasonal fruits can make beautiful and inexpensive decorations.  Fill a bowl with green apples, mason jars with cranberries, or create a centerpiece of nicely arranged gourds.


Everyone is busy at this time of year, especially holiday home sellers. By using a few simple tips your buyers will walk away with a good feeling about your home and you’ll be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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