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It’s All About The Journey … The Gang’s All Here!

Family rooms are an integral part of any home whether the living room acts a multi-function space in a small home or apartment, or you have a separate family room in a sprawling abode, these are the spaces where everyone can gather and enjoy each other’s company. There are a few key elements every family room should have: ample and comfortable seating, attractive storage, somewhere to put your feet up – such as an ottoman, (which has a dual purpose for extra seating if space is tight and can provide possible storage) and great lighting  – overhead lighting illuminates the space, but you will also need task lighting for reading, playing games, etc.

The three main categories that will create a warm and welcoming family room are: a successful design plan, inexpensive updates and unique decorating ideas.  By incorporating some of these elements into your space, everyone will want to kick their shoes off and stay awhile!

Designing Your Family Room

  • Opening your family room to adjoining spaces so the room is visible, ultimately invites everyone in.

  • Define the open spaces by introducing some architectural elements such as arches, columns or you can use furniture as a divider.

  • Plan your home entertainment system early on in the design phase to ensure that all electrical wiring and any integrated systems meet your needs.

  • Create one major focal point within this space. Whether you install your large screen plasma TV on the fireplace wall or have windows overlooking a pretty outdoor space.

  • The furniture layout should be oriented toward the focal point of the space and feel cozy. Try to ignore the impulse to line your furniture pieces up against the wall thinking it creates more space.  It doesn’t.

  • Keep traffic patterns in mind when planning a furniture layout. The ability to walk through the room without navigating through a maze of furniture is essential.

Easy & Inexpensive Updates for Your Family Room

  • Swap out throw pillows. Add deep velvet fabric pillows, tapestry and rich colors in fall and winter, then you can swap these out for bright colored, cotton or canvas pillows in spring and summer.

  • Freshen up old furniture by adding cozy, beautiful throws and blankets in colder months. This not only gives color and texture but can hide rips and stains!

  • Let the sun shine in! Clean windows inside and out, add new curtains, swags or drapes. If privacy isn’t an issue, lose the blinds and sheers and let light pour in!

Clever & Unique Family Room Ideas

  • Get rid of clutter by adding multi-functional storage pieces. Think ottomans with hinged lids, coffee tables with drawers, photo boxes to hold odds and ends, which will fit beautifully in a bookcase.

  • Create the illusion of space and light by grouping a collection of mirrors with decorative frames.

  • Spray paint is your best friend! Take old, mismatched picture frames and give them a new life with a coat of flat black spray paint. The texture of each frame gives dimension while the monochromatic color gives your items the look of a collection, not clutter!

  • Swap out those energy draining bulbs with compact fluorescents or LEDs that create a soft light from your lamps without breaking your budget.

  • Raise your curtain rods, and extend them well past the windows! The illusion of huge windows is created by adding additional ‘framing’ around the ones you have

      Inviting, comfortable and relaxing! 

    No wonder the gang’s all here –

    Is it Super Bowl Sunday already?

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