It’s All About The Journey … Summer Entertaining – Part 2


Let’s continue on this journey! Here are some additional topics and tips that will help you deliver a fine summer bash.

We’re Taking It Outside!


Do: Having plenty of beverages for everyone is a must. If you have a nice yard or deck, utilize it. You want to make sure everyone has a place to sit and be comfortable – even if you put some blankets on the grass and some people can enjoy the party “picnic style”. BBQing or making  your event a pot luck are some good options for a casual party.

Don’t: Go over board. Your place is just the setting. All you need is some good music, food and great people and you’ll have an amazing summer bash.

It’s Getting Late

Do: If you realize that your home is located in a very woodsy area and there isn’t a lot of natural lighting make sure you have that covered. You can get some string lights (battery powered are best) and hang them around the deck or on tiki poles. Solar lighting is also wonderful and will give your home a different as you go from day to evening. This may also give you a reason to invest in a fire pit! I mean who doesn’t love making s’mores and telling ghost stories?

Don’t: Worry if you don’t have tiki poles or string lights – tons of candles,  moving the party inside or just calling it a night will all work as well.

Smaller Space?

Do: If you do not have a grand back yard or a spacious inside, no worries. The picture says it all – place some nice plants or flowers on the table, convert your coffee table or smaller side tables into serving tables by clearing them off just for the evening and have some fun summer music playing in the background to set the atmosphere. If you want to make your place look spacious, just move some furniture of decorations in to another room and close the door. Clear some counter space just for the day and have great lighting.

Don’t: Clutter. You want guests to move around freely and be able to get from one area to another with out scooting through a bunch of people.

Last, but far from least. Enjoy yourself and your home! It’s the secret to success for all parties and so easy to forget! Your home is your sanctuary and you want your guests to experience the same fabulous feel that you have when you’re there!

I hope these tips are helpful whether you just moved into your first place, or you just love to entertain.


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