It’s All About The Journey … The Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting Guests This Summer

Here’s a list of some ideas that may be helpful when hosting a summer get together at your home, and things to help make it hassle-free.

Hosting is all about welcoming people! You want to make sure your home is inviting, and fresh , whether you live in a house, condo or apartment. This can be one of the easiest times of year to invite people over and I hope you find these tips helpful.

Let’s Get Things Ready

 Do: Make sure your home is clean & ready for your guests’ arrival. You want to welcome them with the same feeling they get when they are on vacation – everything ready and all they have to do is enjoy.

Don’t:  Stress about not having enough time. Focus on the areas that will get the most traffic. Close doors to any bedrooms or rooms that are too messy to get done in time.

Cool and Breezy

Do: Make your home comfortable, if it’s a hot day keep the house as cool as possible. Have your air conditioning on or a fan blowing, no one likes to be sticky or feel hot. If you’re hosting outdoors, don’t worry we have a tip for that in our next blog!

Don’t: Overly make yourself crazy, just use what you have – whether it’s central air, fans or open windows it’s ok, you’re not hosting the queen of England and your friends will understand.

Give The House “The Look”

 Do: It’s nice to have your home represent the season. Make sure to get some fresh flowers, and if you can decorate with lighter summer curtains and colorful pillows, that’s a bonus. Bright or pastel colors can make a space feel light & breezy.

Don’t: Blow your whole budget. Less can be more and sometimes DIY projects are the best. Pinterest and other similar websites can become your new best friend.

Next week we’ll continue with some fresh ideas to liven & lighten up your next get together.


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