It’s All About The Journey … Summer (and year-round) Buyer Wishlist

Here a few things people are looking at during their home search.

With the information highway right at our fingertips, the majority of buyers are doing tons of research before they ever meet with a Realtor.  They are looking for good school systems and low neighborhood crime among other criteria. Most of the time, buyers’ minds are already made up on where they want to be, so it takes an experienced agent to help keep them open minded. Let’s see what we can they want!




Buyers tend to gravitate to areas and neighborhoods that have a great sense of security. They want an area that has little to no crime and is safe for loved ones-both human & furry.

Another priority is convenience. People like to be near amenities whether it’s the gym, golf course, pools or beaches as well a variety of activities and events happening throughout the year. Easy access to shopping and commuting options are important as well.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Resale value is always on a potential buyer’s minds, (yes, even though they haven’t even put in an offer!). Whether the buyer is looking for a “turn-key” property or are willing to invest some “sweat equity”, how their investment will treat them when it comes time to sell is always important.

People rely heavily on the internet to search for homes which make the presentation crucial. Things that can help influence and draw in buyers are staging and pictures – you know that “pictures speak a 1,000 words” – make sure yours make the statement you want them to make! 


The Clock is Ticking


Real-estate maven Barbara Corcoran says,  “… if you are looking at dusty two-month-old listings, isn’t it like eating leftovers?”  The answer is – sometimes.
Usually the reason a house sits on the market is because it is not priced to the perceived market value. A good house finally coming to the right price can be a great value!  When people are looking to buy they are looking for good value.


I hope this is helpful, and if you’d like to discuss marketing your home, feel free to contact me and put my successful track record to work for you! 


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