It’s All About The Journey … Your Neighborhood School Profile: Davenport Ridge Elementary School

This campus-style elementary school has approximately 650 students and is located in the Newfield area of Stamford. What is unique to this school is that students are encouraged to follow  the “6 pillars of character” that include: responsibility, citizenship, fairness, respect, trustworthiness and caring.

Davenport was named a 2015-2016 Banner School ,  one of only six schools statewide recognized with this award by the State Education Resource Center. This prestigious honor is awarded  for the successful implementation of school-wide systems for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

The school is situated across from Sterling Farms Golf Course, which enables the school to utilize the picnic grounds and golf course for year-end activities. The school boasts three playgrounds, including handicapped accessible play features.

Davenport Ridge prepares all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to the global community. The school’s vision is to challenge the students and staff to pursue excellence, foster creative expression and to develop a concern for the quality of life for all.

Jessica Chaapel, Davenport Ridge Elementary School, Grade 3 teacher, is the  2015-16 Stamford Teacher of the Year.


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