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It’s All About The Journey … Your Neighborhood School Profile: Springdale Elementary School



Jaguars ROAR!

It is Springdale School’s new slogan –  Respect, Outstanding effort, Acting safely and Responsibility.

Springdale Elementary School is a true neighborhood school in a close-knit community.  The Springdale neighborhood is known for its own distinctive character & convenience:  walkable streets, a bustling commercial village with various stores, restaurants, a movie theater & a  Metro-North station.

This school is rich with history.  Did you know:

  • Springdale began as a one room school house in 1855.

  • In 1895 there was a girl’s entrance and a boy’s entrance.

  • A new school was built in 1904 (see below) and the original school was moved and became part of the second story of a house now standing on Weed Hill Avenue.

  • Children used to take the trolley up Hope Street to get to school.

  • In the 1800’s children used to play a game called “Kitty Over” at recess. One team would throw the ball over the building and if someone from the other side caught it before it bounced, he ran around and tried to tag someone to bring him back to his side. The game continued until no one was left on one side.

Springdale has a diverse student population and offers a variety of experiences that reach out to the school’s community: Literacy Volunteers Program, Family Fun and Learning Nights, Springdale Neighborhood Clean-Up, and the Spring Community Art Show, just to name a few.

Springdale’s academic support initiatives include Readers and Writers Workshops, the Everyday Mathematics Program, Authors in Residence Program, Musician in Residence Program, Junior Achievement Elementary School Program, Chess Program and Lego League Program, among others. Partnerships, such as those with the Pitney Bowes Corporation for a tutorial program or the Stamford Museum for an inquiry-based science programs, also assist the school’s educational efforts.

Springdale has been recognized by the State of Connecticut as a “School of Distinction,” and is one of Connecticut’s most improved schools based on Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) performance. The School has also been recognized by the Fairfield Lone Pine program for exemplary student achievement.



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