Geri Guzinski
Stamford, CT

Bio: I grew up in Stamford with a real estate office in my home with a REALTOR as my mother who liked to move me every 6 months. I like to joke that I became a licensed, full-time residential REALTOR in 1987 as self-defense. I started my career as the on-site agent at “Stonegate” on Strawberry Hill Avenue and have moved on to full residential sales including single family, condominium, rentals and relocation. I truly enjoy helping people with one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions they face-whether down-sizing, trading up, first time buyers or a complete lifestyle change and have been one of the top 4 agents in my office for the past 10 years. I live in Stamford with my husband and 2 dogs and have 2 sons that went through the Stamford school system and are pursuing the next phases of their lives. I would be happy to help you pursue the next phase of your life-feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

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